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How much HYDROGEN does your water produce?

“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

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USE ANY WATER YOU WISH (energized, alkaline, hydrogen, oxygen, DDW, DEW, distilled) AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH!!


A Dedication To Human Rights

American Red Cross Founder Clara Barton said to her male counterparts:


“We nursed you back to health and now we need your help!” But unfortunately, some of her counterparts made sure help never came . . . even after thousands of women like my grandmother (Google: Nursing Sisters Port Dover) and Clara Barton went to Rochester, N.Y. and descended on the home of woman suffragist SUSAN B. ANTHONY (Clara Barton’s 6th cousin) to offer their support for a woman’s right to vote! What follows is a brief history of my family’s efforts to make lives better for men and women across the globe with a wartime love story.

By John Ellis
If you Google: Nursing Sisters Port Dover, you’ll see a book by Harry B. Barrett. In that book are pictures of my grandmother and her heroic nursing sisters during WWI, including one sister who was mentioned in wartime dispatches for her heroism along with a certificate presented to her by King George V. In spite ofher “valor in the face of the enemy,” after throwing caution to the wind because the love of her life had been killed in action, a woman was ineligible to receive the Victoria Cross! Heartbroken, this beautiful lady never married.

There are hundreds of letters and pictures, including one of the ambulances my grand- mother donated (before we entered WWII) encouraged by her friend, suffragist CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT, who moved around the corner from my grandmother in New Rochelle, N.Y. As a youngster, I remember all the sewing machines and their many friends at my grandmother’s house sewing thousands of pre-die cut clothes together to keep children warm
during the brutally cold English winters. Carrie Chapman Catt also founded the League of Woman Voters and is most famous for her Congressional speech resulting in the l9th Constitutional Amendment that gave woman the right to vote in 1920!

All this took place after Susan B. Anthony died in 1906 in Rochester, N.Y. where my grandfather baked his first loaf of BOND BREAD in 1915, resulting in 50 factories producing over l.5 million loaves of bread a day . . . a Horatio Alger success story which enabled my grandmother to help further woman’s rights. She was inculcated with a sense of moral responsibility by her family who emigrated here in 1720 and then moved to Canada because they were Loyalists to the King and the Church of England.

Now, history repeats itself, except this time their counterparts have problems with clogged arteries, heart attacks, prostate problems and cancer by stonewalling a Man’s right and a Woman’s right to flush DEUTERIUM (a major cause of Aging and Cancer) and Pathogens out of their bloodstreams . . . so these diseases aren’t handed down to generations of our unborn children and grandchildrenll NEW VIDEO SHOWS E5 MACHINE AT WORK
Go to www.JohnEllis.com/NIH and you can watch an informative video which explains just how our E5 Water Machine works. And, just below the video, there is a green link to multiple NIH.Gov studies demonstrating the adverse health effects of deuterium in your water.

John Ellis Water Cancer Chart

John Ellis Water Cancer Chart

The video shows that by changing water properties, small amounts of this water can treat vast quantities of ordinary water (even an aquifer or lake) so Municipalities can supply this healing water right at the tapll Go to our website J0hnEllis.com/NIH with a link to the National Institutes of Health. (Deuterium is found in every bottle or glass of water you drink!)
However, DDW (Deuterium Depleted Water) is only part of the battle for better health as noted by Nobel Prize Winner Albert Szentgyorgy:
“Hydrogen is the Fuel of Life” because, unlike ordinary DDW, by also changing Water Properties and increasing the Hydrogen Bond Angle between atoms (so it has more room to hold viruses and environmental contaminants in suspension) they can be eliminated from the bloodstream with almost immediate results (note typical cancer charts)!
Small amounts of this water can treat millions of gallons of ordinary water (as the Municipal Video shows) including markers for disease, so they can be flushed from a human waste lagoon or the blood stream along with heavy metals (Flint, MI: thousands of children have irreversible brain damage)!!

Here’s what a man in Zurich said: “I have had your E5 Water Machine for only 24 hours. I had gross swelling in my legs and hadn’t worn ordinary shoes in years. Your water immediately destroyed the markers for elephantiasis in my blood stream! I lost all the water weight in my legs and I bought a pair of shoes size 10 1/2. Also unlike ordinary DDW, using electrolysis (a battery and two thin pieces of stainless steel, anode and cathode, not a stack that negates power) your water produces so much Hydrogen


A company that produces hydrogen generators for trucks found the required power slowly went down over 24 hours (a cascading effect that is immediate once it has been treated) from 31 amps to less than 1 amp making the same amount of hydrogen by adding only 20 drops of this water to ordinary water in their hydrogen generator (another website video)! Using this technology, you can power your car, heat your home and produce electricity for pennies. Watch the Video that shows examples PROVING you are drinking the wrong water . . . just as food supplies energy, this
water provides the “BODY ELECTRIC” energy that powers your heart (defibrillator to stop a heart attack, pacemaker)!

Since it’s made by boiling and cooling, this energy is imparted to your food, unlike ordinary water that absorbs energy (from your food and body) to reach equilibrium)! Also, since DEUTERIUM studies (150 ppm) show it kills fruit flies and disease-carrying mosquitoes, you don’t want to remove all the Deuterium Instead, INCREASE the Hydrogen Bond Angle (so it holds more contaminants in suspension along with Deuterium) and flush Deuterium along with viral diseases from the blood-stream with almost IMMEDIATE results!

Note the typical cancer charts: The “purest water” is USELESS because it doesn’t do the above. They still have cancer! MAKING DDW YOURSELF
Using our E5 Water Machine, you can make two types of DDW for PENNIES per GALLON . . . not $300 for a small bottle! This is done by heating and cooling water hundreds of times per gallon (not just once!) to change the properties of that water. We have 13 International Patents and 332 FDA Tests. You can judge the blatant dishonesty in the water industry using simple electrolysis. A child in science class could do that!


With our 501(c)(3) non-profit Foundation, you can buy a machine and take a Tax Deduction! There are thousands of families around the U.S. who need our water machines—kids in Flint, families in poverty, etc. When you buy a machine, a portion of the proceeds go to this important humanitarian aid project.

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