How it works

The abstract of the world wide patents explains in general the thrust of the patents. However, the details of how it works are described in the body of the patent. All the patents provide this description which can vary from country to country. The enclosed is from the Australian Patent Number 2001255180.

In greater detail: this method provides extreme heat and ozone concentration on relatively small volumes of water... only 1 1/2 cups at a time about 3 times/minute!! In any event, common sense would tell you it would be better than just passing by an ozone bulb one time! You will note that we make ozone using a special quartz bulb, not corona discharge that produces unwanted nitrides. If you use a large volume of water at a time it will not work as indicated using these parameters.

You be the judge: take a saucepan and bring some water to a foaming boil. The bacteria on the bacteria destruction chart are frothed to the surface to be exposed to ozone. As stated, a small amount of water is exposed at a time for maximum effectiveness. When enough boiler pressure is built up, the steam pressure forces the boiler water back into the condenser tank to be recycled. This causes the heaters (there are two heaters) to temporarily come out of water and the extreme heat exposes the bacteria that has been frothed to the surface to even higher temperatures!

This process repeats about 3 times/minute as noted and since, you are producing a gallon of energized distilled water in about two hours, you can see that the water has been exposed to extreme heat and ozone repeatedly, 100s of times/gallon!

This is important: It should be remembered that all water is different and tests done under lab conditions will not always produce the same results because all water conditions are different!! That is why we use this repetitive method using two different modalities.

As a result, since all water is different, that is why we say: Guaranteed Pure Water is an outrageous statement to make for an ordinary water distiller with continuous boiling! What if the water has trace amounts of detergents? The extreme frothing and pollutant carry over can only be stopped by stopping the boiling as indicated. In addition, it was the U.S. Patent office that asked us to do the York Lab tests to prove that by stopping the boiling purer water can be produced. Now do you see why ordinary distillers can not go below 0.1 PPM TDS?

The Honeybee

Beekeepers are finding as many as 70% fewer honey bees in their hives because of a die off!! These bees, of course, pollinate the crops that we depend on for our existence! We use the water as a foliar spray on our farm in Westbrookville and we have an increased bee population. Bacteria are getting stronger and our method allows honeybees to survive. Again, you can help! Look at the bacteria destruction chart that is also crucial to our food supply.

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