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Cancer and John Ellis Water


  • March 19, 2018
  • ellis
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“I just retired after 30 years at Sloan and don’t have access to your E5 water machines anymore!”
– Dalton Kinsella M.D


PROOF? DOLE FOODS with 9 months of testing and a 7 page contract I wouldn’t sign!!

(3 out of 4 people will get Cancer; passes easily: Prostate problems!) Unlike ordinary distilled (low energy, don’t drink, 101 HBA below) our machines make TWO TYPES OF WATER i.e. 240 gal/day tap (turn up the flow) and John Ellis distilled (12 gal/day) BOTH with a 114 HBA!!

Feedback from Sloan Kettering: “After 2-3 days the urine starts to smell. Even light brown or green as the hydrogen burns up the impurities in your Blood (94% water)!” The first test they give you is a blood test to discover what markers are in your blood stream!! 3-4 people get cancer, 97% of all men get prostate problems! This water goes right through even with a swollen prostate!

A retired Applied Research Lab scientist, Univ of TX, after buying several E5’s, noted the potency against diabetes, cancer, prostate, alzheimer’s etc:

“Your water machines cure cancer!” He said he had been an Oncologist for 30 years and since he retired from Sloan Kettering, he didn’t have access to our machines anymore!

”Is Oxygen The Miracle Drug?” about John Ellis and Sloan Kettering Oncologists that buy our  machines: HIGH SOLUBILITY gets more OXYGEN (coming into your LUNGS) to the extremities;  “Cancer cells can’t survive!!” (Otto Warburg MD Nobel Prize Twice)! Famous Sloan Oncologist (below): “We knew about Otto Warburg in Med School. This is the answer!   Send me an E5!!”

CANCER: IF YOU READ THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE, THE COMMENTS TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES and THE RYTER REPORT. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY ABOUT 1/3 OF OUR CUSTOMERS ARE CANCER PATIENTS , a man said in a typical phone call: “Your machines cure cancer!” When I asked him how he knew that he said: “I have been an Oncologist for 30 years and I just retired from Sloan Kettering and I don’t have access to your machines anymore!”

His name is Dalton Kinsella M.D. Although we have heard from these people for years, that’s how we found out they have our machines because it’s not approved as a medical device. If you look at the AMMETER ENERGY DEMONSTRATION V IDEO you will see how easy it is for the body to also split our water into hydrogen and oxygen. Since your blood is 94% water, THE HYDROGEN BURNS UP THE IMPURITIES (and markers for anything you can name) in your blood stream and Sloan Kettering Oncologists tell us after 2-3 days the urine starts to smell (light brown and light green!)! Dr Guy Abraham M.D. mentioned our 114 hydrogen bond angle years ago when he independently tested our water when he taught at UCLA: “No other water is even close! You can’t argue with something you can measure!!” Regulators let us use this because it’s non-invasive but the water industry and their thousands of Dealers and shills have stonewalled this discovery for obvious reasons to the detriment of their fellow Americans! Typical letter just received: “My daughter in-law doesn’t need an operation for throat cancer!”  (hydrogen burned up the CA125 marker?) 60 years ago when I was in Engineering School, I didn’t know anybody with cancer, MS, fibromyalgia or diabetes. Now, they are all epidemics!

At 83 years of age, my cholesterol  is 146, triglycerides 65, heart attack risk 1/2 that of normal. After a physical my M.D. said: “You get younger and everyone else gets older!” No special diet or exercise etc. Feel GREAT, have fun and live your life WITHOUT the things in water that we know about that can slowly kill you!! As a result, after 40 years in business, we can tell you that thousands of people that purchased ordinary water filters/distillers designed for the 20th century (NOT the 21st century), that don’t allow enough DESTRUCTION TIME

Elmer Bobst proved why NAYSAYERS GET CANCER in the 30’s! Oncologists kill cancer cells in the Blood stream (94% water) REPURIFYING WATER with the ENERGY from our Argon Bulbs 100’s of  times/gallon which changes the hydrogen bond angle! VIDEO PROOF: LOW ENERGY WATER CAN’T STOP DISEASE as explained to Sloan Kettering Oncologists (Their orders are on file: below) with comments made at my home 50 years ago by Elmer Bobst (Lipitor) pharmaceutical pioneer, THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY founder and CIA Sales Manager (CLICK HERE for the AMAZING truth: Jon Christian Ryter DETAILS  the KEY to FREE ENERGY & YOUR LIFE!).

Typical letter: “ONLY 4 DAYS after receiving your machine, the cancer changed color and started to shrink!!

Dr Abraham M.D. (*Doppler Ultrasound) UCLA Med School: “We can measure the ability of blood to *go through a membrane into the cells to the extremities. At 114 degrees, nothing is even close to your water!”  (Saves diabetics feet/legs)