13 International patents and 332
approved FDA studies
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Heated-Cooled 100’s of times/gallon

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“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”

- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 TIMES THE MEASURABLE ENERGY of ANY other water!! (video below)

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All you need is the power of positive thinking and our Machine!
ALL DRINKING WATER HAS DEUTERIUM which damages your DNA!! A major CAUSE of Aging and Cancer! Discover Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) at the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH NIH.GOV Dozens of studies “Revealing Water’s Secrets”that confirm the phenomenal DDW results we receive (below) but WITH A TWIST!! To produce DDW you have to RE-DISTILL water 60 times($300. fora small bottle!). However, our machines DISTILL AUTOMATICALLY… 100’s of TIMES/GALLON (not ONCE!!) and by doing this 100’s OF TIMES you also produce water with MEASURABLE ENERGY (Ammeter video below!) that powers your HEART (defibrillator)!!! Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you alive!! With 13 Patents 332 FDA Tests it’s the rage worldwide! BUY DDW BOTTLED WATER or MAKE IT AT HOME…for PENNIES and take a 501C3 Tax Deduction!!
NOTE: All the DDW articles and studies, as a result of the discoveries of Nobel Prize Winner Albert Szentgyorgy: “Hydrogen Is the Fuel of Life!”, are listed by The National Institutes of Health (NIH) FOR YOUR INFORMATION ONLY! They don’t endorse products. If they did, you would pay $300. for a small bottle of DDW not pennies/gallon!
Water Filters vs. Our Water

Water filters are useless (water passes through toxins!) and like ordinary Distillers carry DEADLY Deuterium HEAVY WATER MOLECULES because it’s heated-cooled ONLY ONCE!! Instead, we do it 100’s of times/gallon to produce DDW “Light Water” *(Washington Post article as far back as 1/27/92: “Cures anything even Cancer and Aids!”) leading up to the NIH.GOV STUDIES and my 13 Patents with THOUSANDS of healings like HEALING WELLS (Lourdes etc): Creating DDW as water passes through hot-cold zones fulfilling Biblical prophecy (non-believers die from pestilence and disease)!! *A young girl did 200 wells (ONLY 10 gal on each)! ALL municipalities (like Flint, MI) should use this technology to protect its citizens like a La Salle, CO letterhead: “Only 1000 gallons got rid of the smell of over 10 million gallons of e-coli in 24 hours”!!

This is a family business so we will be here to maintain the health of our customers even 100 years from now!!

Changing the hydrogen bond angle in ordinary water from 104° to 114° produced over 100,000 lifesaving results…even going through your SKIN!
Confirmed by the top scientists at the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab and Lawrence Livermore to THE WASHINGTON TIMES and scientists around the world using a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) from 104.5 degrees to precisely 113.8 degrees (rounded off to 114 degrees)!
1. Increases Blood Flow to the extremities measured by Doppler Ultrasound (M.D. independent Research at UCLA Medical) Typical Diabetic “I soaked my foot in your water and it went from black to rosy pink saving my foot from last minute amputation!”
2. DISCOVERY by 80 YR old retired professor (TWO MIT Chemical Engineering Degrees): “I put the water on my shiny dome AM & PM. In 2-3 weeks starting with some fuzz, I now have a full head of hair!!”
3. EBOLA: “Working both inside and outside the hospitals” in Africa resulted from a humanitarian gift where the incidence dropped like a rock!
4. I ranked #1 in the World in the discus in 1957 (Track & Field News Vol 10 No 12) but gave it up because I knew FDA Approved anabolic steroids (now banned) would damage the heart! I was right and the inventor died at 62 after damaging his own heart: “After the abuse by athletes, I wish I had never invented anabolic steroids!”

Killing pathogens that threaten human health. Now you have an opportunity to try the most patented distiller in America. Thirteen patents and 332 approved FDA studies. What do these 13 patents do, and why are they needed? Isn’t a water distiller a distiller with or without patents? Of course. The difference comes from what happens to the water being distilled. The John Ellis Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers so something no other distillers on Earth do. They create energy while re-purifying the water hundreds of times per gallon using heat and UV light to destroy viruses and other pathogens that pose a threat to human health. Don’t think of the John Ellis Electron distillers as just another home water distiller, because it isn’t. Think of it as the Paul Bunyon of home distillers that does wonders both for home use and commercially.

For example, in April, 2003 Crystal Clear received a telephone call from the City of LaSalle, Colorado which was having a problem with their 5-acre sewage waste lagoon and were being threatened by the State of Colorado with a $10,000 per day fine if the waste lagoon was not cleaned up immediately. The lagoon contained 10.5 million gallons of polluted waste water.

This is the Gatehouse Entrance to the 418 acre Jon Ellis Estate on top of crystal Mountain with breathtaking views overlooking the Delaware River in Shohola, Pa.

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On June 3, 2003 the City of LaSalle reported that 24 hours after the lagoon was treated with 1,000 of John Ellis treated water, the odor was gone. Six weeks later, without dredging, 30% of the human waste sludge in the lagoon had dissolved.

What made that happen? What makes the 13 patents unique is that the Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers do something no other distillers do—they permanently change the bond angle of the hydrogen in the water molecule from 104° degrees to 114° degrees. So, let me ask you a question: How many other home water distillers have the ability to permanently alter the hydrogen bond angle of water? The answer? None. That’s why there are 13 patents on the Electron 4 and Electron 5 distillers.

Which, of course, is why you should consider the Electron 5 for use in your home whether you drink water supplied by your local municipality, or you live outside of the city and drink well water. Water as free of viruses and pathogens as any device not created by God can do. If you a ready for the freshest, pathogen-free water available today, click on this link.

Which is one of the reasons Dole Food called Crystal Clear. They had a problem with mold spores in their fruits and vegetables. Not only did John Ellis’ treated water solve that problem, Dole discovered that spraying their pineapple crops seemed to produce jucier pineapples.

The media didn’t pay attention to Crystal Clear’s water until a Washington Post reporter visited a farm in Tlacote, Mexico where there were stories of people being healed of all sorts of disease and illnesses from drinking the water from Jesus Chahin’s well. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of pilgrims lined up on the road leading to Chahin’s farm, carrying jerrycans, water jugs or crockery—anything that would hold water, for what they believed was “miracle water.”

When the Washington Post writer interviewed Jesus Chahin, the farmer told hm there was no such thing as miracle water. Chahin confided that the water in his well was being purified by four Crystal Clear distillers. There were no miracles. Just science.

In 1848 scientist Michael Faraday created a formula proving, mathematically, it was possible to alter the hydrogen bond angle of water thereby allowing oxygenated water to penetrate the membranes of the food we grow, producing more abundant crops—or the skin of human organs.producing healthier people. Faraday’s problem was that his mathematical discovery was 120 years too early since the technology needed to change the hydrogen bond angle of water from 104° degrees to 114° degrees would not exist until the 1960s.

To repeat, this is why you should consider the Electron 5 for use in your home whether you drink water supplied by your local municipality, or you live outside of the city and drink well water. Water as free of viruses and pathogens as any device not created by God can do. If you a ready for the freshest, pathogen-free water available today, click on this link.

Explore the healthier world of the Electron 4 or Electron 5 water machines that thousands of Americans and Europeans already know, and depend on to provide them with the cleanest, healthiest water available. Explore a world which discovered the Electron 5 during theEbola crisis in Africa. Click on this link and order your Electron 5 today. Written by Jon Christian Ryter

Jon Spokes at The Washington Times
HERE’S PROOF why they say it’s “impossible”: Jon Spokes at The Washington Times received a phone call from the top scientist at the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab with so many degrees after his name he needed a fold out calling card: “You have a scam artist advertising the impossible in your newspaper!!” which was followed by scientists from Lawrence Livermore and the Fort Detrick Biological and Cancer Institute. Jon Spokes monitors advertisers for honesty to maintain the good name of the newspaper! Accordingly, he told him: “Call John and if you decide he’s a scam artist, he will never advertise in this newspaper again!” After calling me and buying our E5 machine, he laughingly told Jon: “I am embarrassed to say John HAS CHANGED THE HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE in water and I wish I owned his patents!” Since that time we have sold 100’s of machines to these scientists that include Lawrence Livermore and Brookhaven Labs when a nuclear reactor contaminated an aquifer. With an Engineering Degree that includes Steam Plant Design, God proved with his infinite wisdom that I was right and the textbooks were WRONG!
Independent Blood Flow Studies…..

Our Videos

(just as “impossible”) this water added to our low cost power generator can supply all your energy needs at virtually ZERO COST! Watch the power required in a lab setting for demonstration purposes go from 31 amps to virtually zero while producing the SAME amount of energy violating Faraday’s Law that has been repeated by amazed scientists 100’s of times (website details)

HHO Output Tripled Using Toroid Coil


After the above article, G. Abraham MD did independent Blood Flow studies at UCLA Medical School since blood is 94% water: “You can’t argue with something you can measure. Nothing is even close to your water in getting blood to the extremities!” However, charlatans have bought my machines and used my “Miracle Water” on religious TV and since we can measure the 114° HBA we can see if it’s our misbranded water! In some cases, it tests out as tap water!! Also, BOTH ordinary distilled (101° HBA) and ordinary water (104° HBA) have ZERO ENERGY!! Our °114 HBA water has 3000% MORE ENERGY and we can measure that also (website Ammeter Video adding ONLY 20 DROPS to ordinary water)! 94 year old Gilbert de Daunant (Prince Rainier’s cousin), after shipping a machine to an MD in Africa: “Your water is working against EBOLA both in and out of the hospitals!” Since this energy boosts the immune system, we want to reach as many people as possible as a humanitarian effort. Accordingly, I am putting my properties into a nonprofit and using TV for further outreach. Our gorgeous 418 acre mountain property overlooking the Delaware River is perfect to evangelize this discovery! With its one of a kind Gatehouse and Pavilion including miles of roads with estate lighting and underground utilities to protect the visual beauty, this is a unique setting for visitors. We hope you will join us! 13 Patents 332 FDA Tests.


WATER WARNING!!! SLOAN KETTERING ONCOLOGISTS:”YOUR WATER HAS MANY AMAZING QUALITIES THAT PRODUCE THESE RESULTS!!” (below, 30 yrs at Sloan). Click “TRUE STORY OF HEALING” (sidebar) IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT KILLS ALL THE VIRUSES (CANCER CAUSING) and FOOD MOLD (mycotoxins found in MOST foods)=DISEASE!! PROOF? DOLE FOODS with 9 months of testing and a 7 page contract I wouldn’t sign!! Ref: Virus & Bacteria Destruction Time Chart RECYLING WATER 100’S OF TIMES/GAL (NOT ONCE!!) THIS OPENS UP THE HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE (HBA) FROM 104 DEGREES TO 114 DEGREES! ALWAYS DRINK WATER WITH A HBA ABOVE 108 DEGREES (alcohol) BECAUSE ABOVE 108 DEGREES IT ELIMINATES THE SIDE EFFECTS OF TOXINS FROM OUR FOOD SUPPLY WITH SUPERIOR BLOOD FLOW TO THE EXTREMITIES (below)! IT SAVES LIVES!! They are using the water to reconstitute dried blood for the military because of these unique qualities! Also, it EASILY goes through a membrane when ordinary water WON’T!! That’s why ordinary “wrinkle cream” is useless! (Read everything on the sidebar and you will probably buy a machine!). If that’s not enough, how about an “inoperative” cancer patient chart reviewed by the FTC and then returned to us so we can use it on the sidebar


(3 out of 4 people will get Cancer; passes easily: Prostate problems!) Unlike ordinary distilled (low energy,don’t drink, 101 HBA below) our machines make TWO TYPES OF WATER i.e. 240 gal/day tap (turn up the flow) and John Ellis distilled (12 gal/day) BOTH with a 114 HBA!! A retired Applied Research Lab scientist, Univ of TX, after buying several E5’s, noted the potency against diabetes, cancer, prostate, alzheimer’s etc: THE WASHINGTON POST Investigation(sidebar:”10,000 people/day and the CURATIVE POWER!!”) which has been upgraded to handle the latest health threats!! Dr G. Abraham MD (independent research, UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL): “YOU CAN’T DEBUNK SOMETHING YOU CAN MEASURE! We can measure the ability of Water or Blood (94% water) *TO GO THROUGH A MEMBRANE into the cells to the extremities nothing is even close to your water! Your Hydrogen Bond Angle is *114 degrees!!” It has been measured 100’s of times using a SEM (113.8 degrees, rounded off to 114 degrees) or you can do the simple energy test below! The DEQ knows this is the only water that can treat vast quantities of water (even human waste: municipal letters), protecting us from terrorist attacks on water supplies that you won’t realize until it’s too late!! Recording: 800 433-9553; 845 754-8696; 13 patents & 332 FDA Tests, The ONLY method that destroys DEADLY TOXINS with UV AND HEAT plus Distillation 100’s of times/gal (NOT ONCE!!) As a result, this is the ONLY truly LIVING WATER* that provides the EVERLASTING LIFE promised in the Bible!!


Add only 20 DROPS to any other water and MEASURE THE ENERGY (VIDEO below) PROVING even today’s ordinary “purified water” as a result of man’s pollution, HAS ZERO  ENERGY required by the immune system to STOP DISEASE!! FREE bottled Water 570 296-0214 ORDER A MACHINE (above) and receive a FREE Stainless Steel coffee maker, water dispenser with sight glass (only 500 left)!!


DRINK WATER WITH 3000% MORE ENERGY (Video)!! Gilbert de Daunant (Prince Rainer’s cousin, below): “I just walked 40 blocks and I am 94! Send another E5 to Monaco!” WARNING: Fukushima radiation now in AIR & WATER (1000 seals dead in CA)! Brookhaven National Labs after a nuclear mishap in the 80’s: “You have the ONLY  product that recycles water 100’s of times per gallon, NOT ONCE to get rid of radiation!” and it’s still true today! W ITH A DIRECT TERRORIST HIT YOU WON’T SURVIVE, however MOST PEOPLE WILL SURVIVE if you use our machines (Brookhaven Labs!). Don’t be fooled or wait until it’s too late…ordinary products are USELESS, above!! LOW ENERGY WATER CAUSES DISEASE because it takes energy from YOU to reach equilibrium which is why you have low energy! PROOF?? MEASURE THE ENERGY: A 9 Volt battery, grocery store items and $10 ammeter!! 13 patents describe how we PRODUCE HUGE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY to FIGHT DISEASE using heating & cooling as taught by PLATO (purifying 100’s of times per gallon, NOT ONCE!!) and 332 FDA tests, scientists now know the ENERGY in water is measured by the Hydrogen Bond Angle; HBA (starting with the lowest energy level to the highest): 101* (ordinary distilled water), 104* (ordinary water), 114* (John Ellis Water Discovery) and finally Steam at 120* with ENERGY that started the Industrial Revolution with the invention of the Steam Engine by English inventor James Watt!        ***An 80 year old retired Professor with TWO Chemical Engineering Degrees from MIT proves our 114 HBA water GOES THROUGH HIS SKIN BY GROWING HAIR ON HIS BALD HEAD in only 2-3 weeks with 100’s calling us with the same results (details below the Ammeter video)!! With this phenominal energy increase (even at 84), YOU WILL LOOK YEARS YOUNGER AND HAVE ALOT MORE ENERGY available to fight disease since it takes very little energy at 114* for the human body to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen (Video below) and inspite of the energy monopoly, this discovery has taken the rest of the world by storm as people also heat their homes, produce electricity and power their cars for PENNIES (video below) while avoiding MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEMS because your ordinary filters and distillers unfortunately DON’T ALLOW ENOUGH VIRUS & BACTERIA DESTRUCTION TIME (Scientific Data, sidebar) salad bar vegetables are grown in e-coli and “CRUISE” NOROVIRUSES! Like DOLE FOODS: bleed our water into the water lines!!! DON’T LOOK “OLD”!! Read what Elmer Bobst, Warner Lambert Pharmaceuticals (Lipitor) and American Cancer Society founder with the help of Mary Lasker (while ignoring the usual smears in an attempt to get money from his estate) and his International Sales Director with a  background that was “unknown” to us, said at my home in Westchester over 50 years ago: “Since your Blood is 94% water, you would have to change the properties of water to destroy the markers for various diseases found in your blood stream!” With an Engineering background  and with Degrees that include Steam Plant Design, all I did was produce the results they were looking for as noted by a typical phone call after my discovery, patented in 13 countries: “Your water machines cure cancer!” He said he had been an Oncologist for 30 years and since he retired from Sloan Kettering, he didn’t have access to our machines anymore (below)! Since this was previously unknown to modern science (it can’t hurt you because it’s ONLY water!), call Jon Spokes with his wife’s cancer success story, at THE WASHINGTON TIMES that has fielded 100’s of phone calls (we advertised every week for 14 years) and THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE: “10,000 people/day” that describes my patents. (Click on the sidebar). Also, click “About The Inventor” (on the sidebar) for a story out of WW 2 with horrifics that will SHOCK YOU! Gilbert C. de Daunant (below) risked his life saving these people and his brother was jailed for insulting a German officer! ORDER A MACHINE (above) and receive a FREE stainless steel coffee maker, water dispenser with sight glass (while they last)! For a FREE WATER SAMPLE: Call 570 296-0214 LISTEN TO A RECORDING 800 433-9553

Ice Cube Test


Bond Angle


YOU SHOULD BE DRINKING OUR 114 DEGREE HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE WATER FOR THE NEWER SUPER FLU VIRUSES (below)!! ORDINARY WATER HAS A HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE OF 104 DEGREES. THE WORST IS ORDINARY DISTILLED WITH A HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE OF ONLY 101 DEGREES, confirmed by scientists from the Los Alamos Nuclear Lab and Lawrence Livermore to THE WASHINGTON TIMES or CLICK THE SIDEBAR: THE WASHINGTON POST (“THIS WATER CURES ANYTHING!; 10,000 people per day!”) and yet Americans had to go to Mexico (Mexican Patent 239719) because the water industry doesn’t want you to know “THIS WATER CAN CURE YOU OF ANYTHING!” with the  BEST 332 FDA water tests and MEASURABLE ENERGY (video below) or contact JON SPOKES at THE WASHINGTON TIMES, FOR THE TRUTH! If you are a history buff, you can look up members of European aristocracy, that buy 100’s of our machines that are all related to one another like our 94 year old customer Gilbert Colomb de Daunant from Andorra and New York (cousin of Prince Rainier, Marquis de Lafayette; his wife a direct descendant of Christopher Columbus) who tells everyone about the healing power of water from his machine including the rest of the Monaco Royal Family! Look him up and read a book written by the President of MIT about his daring exploits in WW 2! DON’T BE FOOLED! Click on this scenario: “About The Inventor”  (sidebar,’ & ” won’t print!!!): With a weakened military, horrifics can happen here!! Brookhaven  Lab scientists after their nuclear accident: “Your machine gets rid of cancer causing radiation by recycling water 100’s of times per gallon!” This also clears your arteries to avoid  a heart attack or stroke with cancer reports from Sloan Kettering Oncologists. Regulators let us use the noninvasive results (below)! ORDER A MACHINE (above) or call 845 754-8696; FREE WATER: 570 296-0214 (332 FDA Approved Tests) Make Your Own Energy Drink without harmful ingredients! Add a few drops and your ENERGY WILL SOAR like the ENERGY video below!! LISTEN TO THE HISTORY OF THIS DISCOVERY: CALL: 800 433-9553

Blood Flow

A stress test and the all important carotid artery test in your neck, that feeds blood to your face PROVES WHY your FACE is the first to show the SIGNS OF AGING as your arteries start to clog up, with poor blood flow to the extremities!! Instead, as a result of drinking 114 degree Hydrogen Bond Angle Water and keeping my carotid arteries clear, *IT CAN BE REVERSED EASILY!! (Click on RED below “watercuresanything.com” for my picture  at 80 to show the importance of  BLOOD FLOW). *The hospital asked me my DOB 3 TIMES because they said at 83 years of age I looked about 30 years younger (below) Call for a FREE WATER SAMPLE  AT 570 296-0214 or BUY A MACHINE 845 754-8696! CLICK ORDER (above)! BEWARE OF A “FREE REPORT SCAM” that is now PART OF AN INDUSTRY WATER SCAM selling distillers that DON’T purify water 100’s of times/gallon (ONLY ONCE!!)  …THEY ALL USE THE SAME antiquated design that was part of a Federal recall with links to heart disease (Science News 2/13/10)!! READ ALL THE DETAILS BELOW THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE including how a whole municipality discovered to their dismay that ordinary filters and distillers were useless against the spread of deadly disease and that includes the DEQ!I After saving them millions, we can send you letters on the municipality letterhead (even from the Mayor) with a machine if you wish! This isn’t advertising hype!!: This is the ONLY METHOD with enough ENERGY and TIME to kill even the H1N1 SUPER VIRUSES (every year they change the FLU SHOT as they get stronger!) as predicted by a CIA Operative who was a world expert (the inventor knew him personally) that was hired by the U.S. Government to bring over 1000 scientists to the U.S. after WW2!! (CLICK on the sidebar: “ABOUT THE INVENTOR” with his DECLASSIFIED DOSSIER! ‘&” won’t print!!!) DON’T BE FOOLED!  Like he said: “The ONLY people that can survive diabolical VIRUSES have these machines!!”

PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY!! Like Dr G. Abraham M.D. said when he taught at UCLA: “Nothing is even close to your water including measurable blood flow!” YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED (even by Bill Gates: vaccines and population control!) and yet the water industry with help from lying shills and bloggers are keeping the truth from the American people!! Scroll down (click on RED) to Jon Christian Ryter. Then scroll down again because he has spoken with scientists from four medical and military institutions about this discovery which he covers in great detail. Also, Jon’s “Whatever Happened To America?” at Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. A great read! You will realize that he is a prolific writer with a firm grip on the pulse of all Americans by alerting them to imminent dangers from a changing world, regardless of their political persuasion. We live on ENERGY from FOOD AND WATER! Ordinary water is DEAD! If there is a food shortage, this water can also provide some of the ENERGY we need to live!! I am 6’ 7″, 275 lbs and I have lived on this water (as an experiment) while consuming very little food because if the shelves at your local supermarket are empty, it will also provide ENERGY! Watch the AMMETER ENERGY VIDEO (below): This water gains energy as a vacuum draws air into the boiler (about 3 times per minute) so the bulbs AND heat are able to destroy pathogens!

Look Great


World Record

FREE!!  Customers that bought my advanced Health Course 50 years ago that I sold for $40. are alive at 103, PROVING I don’t lie to the public! All you need is basic diagnostic numbers rather than “BREAK THE BANK HEALTH CARE”!! IGNORE what I say at 83 (MY AGE if you are lucky to be alive with some barely hanging on to life!) and you may be stumbling around in a “health care facility” thinking about your grand children!! I have known the best DEAD Olympic athletes in the world…TOO MUCH of the wrong kind of “health club” exercise accelerates aging with a gradual loss of strength with the same results as clogged arteries!! PROOF: *World Record 200 lb reverse curl in my 70’s (I rarely lift weights!). At 83 years of age, with a 146 cholesterol, this clears the carotid artery that causes STROKE and blocks facial arteries that makes you look old or CLICK ON OUR WEBSITE watercuresanything.com for my picture at 80 (scroll down). My #1 World ranking in the discus didn’t appear in Track & Field News until Jan 1958 (Vol 10, No 12), after my 1987 series late in the season, when I gave up the discus because of competitors steroid use which contributed to the death of most of my beloved American Track Team competitors.

Dr Guy Abraham M.D

CANCER: IF YOU READ THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE (“10,000 people/day” on the sidebar), THE COMMENTS TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES and THE RYTER REPORT (click below), YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY ABOUT 1/3 OF OUR CUSTOMERS ARE CANCER PATIENTS (Regulators let us quote from any credible news source) and why a man said in a typical phone call: “Your machines cure cancer!” When I asked him how he knew that he said: “I have been an Oncologist for 30 years and I just retired from Sloan Kettering and I don’t have access to your machines anymore!” His name is Dalton Kinsella M.D. Although we have heard from these people for years, that’s how we found out they have our machines because it’s not approved as a medical device. If you look at the AMMETER ENERGY DEMONSTRATION V IDEO (below) you will see how easy it is for the body to also split our water into hydrogen and oxygen. Since your blood is 94% water, THE HYDROGEN BURNS UP THE IMPURITIES (and markers for anything you can name) in your blood stream and Sloan Kettering Oncologists tell us after 2-3 days the urine starts to smell (light brown and light green!)! Dr Guy Abraham M.D. mentioned our 114 hydrogen bond angle years ago when he independently tested our water when he taught at UCLA: “No other water is even close! You can’t argue with something you can measure!!” Regulators let us use this because it’s non-invasive but the water industry and their thousands of Dealers and shills have stonewalled this discovery for obvious reasons to the detriment of their fellow Americans! Typical letter just received: “My daughter in-law doesn’t need an operation for throat cancer!”  (hydrogen burned up the CA125 marker?) 60 years ago when I was in Engineering School, I didn’t know anybody with cancer, MS, fibromyalgia or diabetes. Now, they are all epidemics!


AN 83 YEAR OLD TELLS YOU HOW TO AVOID A HEART ATTACK (below)!! ONLY 20 DROPS of our FREE ENERGIZED WATER reveals  the amazing HEALING POWER OF WATER  confirming Sloan  Kettering Oncologists reports  (below) with a 114 degree Hydrogen Bond Angle change (instead of 104 degrees) which is also your KEY to virtually FREE ENERGY! (click Ryter Report). The AMMETER VIDEO (below) PROVES it’s the ONLY “ENERGIZED WATER”!! ANY OTHER WATER may cause CANCER because it has NO MEASURABLE ENERGY! Use an Ammeter!! (“CURING ANYTHING: with over 200,000 testimonials!! The Washington Post 10,000 people per day”: sidebar The Washington Times) Today’s filters, distillers and ph ionizers are the CAUSE of HORRIFIC DISEASES because of LOW ENERGY (Video Proof!) They don’t allow ENOUGH Virus and Bacteria Destruction Time (click the Scientific Data on the sidebar) to destroy the CANCER VIRUSES, MS etc. If you change the HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE in any ordinary drinking water from a SLUGGISH 104 degrees to 114 degrees it clears arteries by increasing measurable blood flow! The only COUNTERTOP MACHINE  that “cures” with the ENERGY FROM WATER! In 1988 our YORK LABORATORY MACHINE tests (on the sidebar) resulted in FTC ORDER C-3220 because of all of the other ordinary “water purifiers”, filters, distillers and “PH” ionizers: NONE can  meet the Laboratory Standards for Pure Water!! AP 2/10/08: 57 drugs flushed into the ground water are now in municipal tap water (below)! *WATCH THE VIDEO! The power DROPS from 30 amps to virtually ZERO by adding ONLY 20 DROPS of HIGH ENERGY water to ordinary LOW ENERGY tap, filtered, distilled or ionized water! Also, at 114 degrees, users look years younger with more energy because the “Body Electric” *REQUIRES LESS ENERGY to split water into hydrogen and oxygen!! The ENERGY VIDEO EXPOSES all the water scams and the “scientific” debunkers that made fools of themselves saying: “You can’t change the hydrogen  bond angle in water” (when it’s MEASURABLE)! Our energized water machines produce “light” tap and “light” distilled water because ordinary distilled water (you wouldn’t drink) goes through these obsolete machines ONLY ONCE!! As a result, it  has a hydrogen bond angle of ONLY 101 degrees while ours is 114 degrees for *PHENOMINAL results (Watch the AMMETER VIDEO): 85% of our bottled water customers re-order (FREE sample  570 296-0214). Read what Elmer Bobst, The American Cancer Society founder  had to say at my home (below) ORDER A MACHINE (above) Call 845 754-8696! With military contracts in the 1960’s, John Ellis predicted the Scorpion and Thresher submarine disasters (the worst in naval history) to his in-house military inspectors! Before you meet a similar fate because today’s water “filters” were designed for the 20th century NOT our 21st century water that requires 100’s of cycles of purification because of the constant threat of cancer and other horrible diseases from your drinking water that is DEVOID of energy (Video proof below), call us about a third party book that will shock you with details about the “self styled experts” that have become infamous because they are also putting greed before the lives of millions of Americans! Inspite of our patents in 13 countries, even lying Russian scientists say they are “curing cancer and other diseases” that they now call “their” miracle discovery!! They all spin a different story and name for the water but this simple Video (even using just two wires as the anode and cathode) proves who is telling the truth  and that includes people with NO DEGREES IN THIS FIELD that have caused their own untimely demise. Again, add ONLY 20 DROPS of my “Energized  Water” to ordinary water (Video below) and see how much more Hydrogen and Oxygen your body produces using VIRTUALLY NO ENERGY!! Look younger, live longer because the “Body Electric” requires LESS ENERGY to split water into   Hydrogen  and Oxygen by electrolysis like the Video (below)!! Since it’s non-invasive, Regulators let us use the comments from Sloan Kettering Oncologists (below): Since your blood is 94% water, after 2-3 days they confirm that the urine smells to high heaven as readily available Hydrogen burns up the impurities in the blood that caused the problems in the first place!! That’s why the first thing they give you is a blood test and WHY other companies WON’T give you any free water for testing (they would be out of business)!  Call 570 296-0214 for your FREE water sample! At 83 years of age, my cholesterol  is 146, triglycerides 65, heart attack risk 1/2 that of normal. After a physical my M.D. said: “You get younger and everyone else gets older!” No special diet or exercise etc. Feel GREAT, have fun and live your life WITHOUT the things in water that we know about that can slowly kill you!! As a result, after 40 years in business, we can tell you that thousands of people that purchased ordinary water filters/distillers designed for the 20th century (NOT the 21st century), that don’t allow enough DESTRUCTION TIME, died of horrible diseases while the results with our machines (below) is now a matter of PUBLIC  RECORD at the DEQ!! Typical letter: “ONLY 4 DAYS after receiving your machine, the cancer changed color and started to shrink!! Your machine does everything they say it does!” Our sales started to boom in 1983 (Fly Ash from burning fossil fuels in the air causing viral infections! CDC.gov 10/14/83) Finally, THE WASHINGTON POST article (“10,000 people/day” sidebar).  Now, you KNOW why (over 200,000 machines later and patents in 13 countries) this WORKS!! A letter received today: “In a town of only 3000 people, 300 have cancer from Fly Ash Viruses!” MORGELLONS DISEASE FIBERS from mold in plants and VEGETABLES: A world wide pandemic so terrifying, DOLE FOODS scientists tested our water for 9 months with a 7 page contract that we can send you with your machine because of MOLD on the banana plantations that causes the disease!!


The VIDEO (below) shows what happens when you ADD ONLY 20 DROPS of my water to LOW ENERGY WATER! AVOID A HEART ATTACK or STROKE!!  PROVEN by all the diagnostic stress and carotid artery tests they did on me because the carotid artery blockage in your neck causes people to look old by blocking the blood flow to the BRAIN and FACE! Your FACE shows all the progressive signs of “aging” as the carotid artery starts to clog! That’s why they asked me 3 times about my DOB on the entry form: “You look about 30 years younger!” After buying one of our machines, I will tell you what to do (in addition to our water which also increases YOUR MEASURABLE BLOOD FLOW) that takes ONLY 5 minutes per day to avoid “old age” blockage, CAUSING STROKES  without any warning because you may feel fine! They sent me there because they can do the latest diagnostic tests so the medical community including Sloan Kettering can do further studies on the results of my water discovery!  Most importantly, I am living proof that this is your answer to health care at the LOWEST POSSIBLE COST!!

 Patented in 13 countries, the results are now on PUBLIC RECORD at the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) after treating an “untreatable” 5 acre municipal waste lagoon (we can send you life saving municipal letters with a machine) with over 10 million gallons of killer e-coli bacteria (below) using ONLY 1000 gallons of “light” tap water because ordinary LOW ENERGY WATER that SPREADS DISEASE was useless (e-coli grown salad recall anyone?) SPREADING horrific ecoli induced diseases resulting in the untimely demise and a lack of concern for other consumers because the water industry won’t do the above tests, using ANY other water, revealing  their complicit dishonesty! That’s why THEY WON’T GIVE YOU A FREE SAMPLE OF THEIR WATER!! click: RYTER REPORT (below) which is your KEY to virtually endless FREE ENERGY!!

Elmer Bobst proved why NAYSAYERS GET CANCER in the 30’s! Oncologists kill cancer cells in the Blood stream (94% water) REPURIFYING WATER with the ENERGY from our Argon Bulbs 100’s of  times/gallon which changes the hydrogen bond angle! VIDEO PROOF: LOW ENERGY WATER CAN’T STOP DISEASE as explained to Sloan Kettering Oncologists (Their orders are on file: “I just retired after 30 years at Sloan and don’t have access to your E5 water machines anymore!” below) with comments made at my home 50 years ago by Elmer Bobst (Lipitor) pharmaceutical pioneer, THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY founder and CIA Sales Manager (CLICK HERE for the AMAZING truth: Jon Christian Ryter DETAILS  the KEY to FREE ENERGY & YOUR LIFE!). FREE Bottled Water Sample 570 296-0214. ORDER A MACHINE! FREE RECORDING: 800 433-9553 Click:”About the Inventor”. MIT Chemical Eng & WIT Prof:  “Bald head hair growth starts in 2-3 weeks!”(below) CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO OF JOHN ELLIS THE INVENTOR

At 84, he hasn’t “aged” in years! Super strength & ENERGY (World record reverse curl in his 70’s without steroids requiring very little weight lifting, below)! *UNCLOG YOUR ARTERIES!! Dr Abraham M.D. (*Doppler Ultrasound) UCLA Med School: “We can measure the ability of blood to *go through a membrane into the cells to the extremities. At 114 degrees, nothing is even close to your water!”  (Saves diabetics feet/legs) CLICK RED (above): Like cigarette co’s “funding” several SF University “scientists” to say: “Smoking is good for you!” (forget lung cancer), the oil co’s did likewise when I discovered how to make cheap energy (now only Instructor S. Lower is still involved in BOTH scams and SFU no longer hosts his website!). *A retired 80 year old Professor with TWO Chemical Engineering Degrees from MIT (not a university you never heard of!) sent us letters PROVING, with a 114 degree Hydrogen Bond Angle, how easily this water will *go through a membrane and into the cells! He uses a soft brush on his bald head and then sprinkles this water on his head AM and PM and lets it dry. In 2-3 weeks he saw fine hair growth! Passport and drivers license pictures show why, after 10 weeks, people noticed it! Although we have 100’s of similar reports, we aren’t in the “hair business”! This is better than a $10,000. transplant! Also, after washing their hair (dry it and wet it with the water and let dry), women like the soft body sheen! Call Jon Spokes (below) THE WASHINGTON TIMES; Los Alamos scientists buy our machine (after running our ads every week for 14 years, he knows us better than anyone)! SCROLL DOWN!: Famous Oncologists, Prostate (97% of all men! Water easily goes through. Bond Angle change!)UCLA MD BLOOD FLOW DISCOVERY saving diabetics legs from amputation and MS victims in wheelchairs to recovery etc! IS YOUR FAMILY READY FOR THE NEXT “9/11” TERRORIST ATTACK USING ANTHRAX MOLD SPORES? Fox News had a one hour show because major publications and theaters WON’T ACCEPT TERRORIST ADVERTISED VIDEOS WARNING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN ADVANCE that an attack is coming using anthrax spores! Many publications appear as American as “apple pie” but don’t be fooled by interests that now control them and are PAID to help take us over from within by swaying public opinion! We have the ONLY product on the market that allows enough LIFE SAVING DESTRUCTION TIME TO KILL MOLD SPORES and PROTECT  YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (Look at the “VIRUS & BACTERIA DESTRUCTION CHART“, Scientific Data; sidebar)! Each pathogen has a DIFFERENT DESTRUCTION TIME! YOU CAN’T IGNORE THE CHART!! “Hate America Scientific Quacks” ignore simple tests that children can do!! DOLE FOODS TESTED OUR HIGH ENERGY WATER FOR 9 MONTHS ON MOLD SPORES (the ONLY non-toxic way to kill them with a 7 page contract from DOLE FOODS) because TERRORISTS can spread them by plane or using water reservoirs!! WHAT HONEST PERSON can disagree with MEASURABLE RESULTS from the scientists at DOLE FOODS, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore?? My brother Richard Ellis had over 1 million sq ft leased in the  WTC on 9/11…the THREAT IS REAL AND WORSE!! Competitors that advertise: “The Purest Water Possible!” are BREAKING THE LAW based on FTC ORDER C-3220 complaint we filed WITH OUR WATER TESTS in 1987 (the best in the business because they DON’T REPURIFY WATER 100’s of times/gallon)!! That company went out of business and with the recent TERRORIST THREATS on our precious water supplies, we are ready to file again!! DON’T LISTEN TO ANTI-CHRIST’S like a Chem Instructor that was taken off the SFU website for almost a year making fun of “AMERICAN QUACKS” that read the Bible: “Scary Bible Quotes” and “Jesus Dressup”, making fun of Jesus on the Cross! We will send them to you from his old website. He also had to REMOVE a picture of Simon Frazer University and STATE on his embarassing website: “His Chemistry  Courses are NOT endorsed by the University!”. This is just ONE of the anti-Christ debunkers that is also trying to make a living by destroying Christianity!  It may save your life and you will realize why losers can’t produce the same successful results that provided the money to build a $100 million property in Shohola, PA where we support 3000 Boy Scouts and disadvantaged youngsters so they can go camping on 418 acres on top of a mountain we bought overlooking the Delaware River. These youngsters represent the FUTURE of our country! We are donating the property as a major Cancer Research Center as a result of  predictions by THE FOUNDER OF THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY (who would know better?) and his Sales Manager (a CIA Operative) at my home over 50 years ago: “They will turn up the heat on anyone that figures out how to do this!” Self styled “experts” are doing that right now even though they have NO DEGREES IN THIS FIELD in spite of the PROVEN results by over 200,000 users and Oncologists at Sloan Kettering (below). YOU CAN’T KILL ANY VIRUS INCLUDING THE CANCER VIRUS, PURIFYING WATER ONE TIME!! THEY AREN’T EASY TO DESTROY (look at the Destruction Times)!! You have to REPURIFY water 100’s OF TIMES PER GALLON with HIGH INTENSITY UV and HEAT, NOT ONCE!! EVEN THE DUMBEST PEOPLE CAN SEE THEY DON’T ALLOW ENOUGH DESTRUCTION TIME (Virus & Bacteria Destruction Chart, Scientific Data, sidebar)!! LOOK AT THE CHART! ARE THEY REALLY THAT STUPID?? What are you going to do? Autoclave every glass of water you drink? Also, how about the measurable properties of the water? They don’t mention that because they can’t do it!! THAT’S WHY THEY WON’T SEND YOU A FREE WATER SAMPLE!! Again, this is all SHEER STUPIDITY!! We are ready to forward our YORK LAB MACHINE TESTS that they also can’t match and DON’T MENTION because YOU CAN’T DEBUNK SOMETHING YOU CAN MEASURE!!) to the FTC (AGAIN) that resulted in the FTC “Cease and Desist” Order C-3220 (below) in 1988 which PROVES all this (ALSO PROVING THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW)! NONE have a product test showing they can make PURE WATER to LAB STDS; TOTAL POLLUTANTS BELOW 0.1 ppm (York Labs, sidebar) and also exposing these liars for what they are so that diabetics don’t lose their feet because of MEASURABLE poor blood flow! You have seen the ads: “Water Scams” Free Report (distillers that cause heart disease, Sci News  2/13/10; they don’t REPURIFY water 100’s of times/gal the way we do!), a Chem Instructer ostracized from SFU for almost a year (below) also breaking the Law to sell plagarized Chem Courses on our dime (what a way to make a living)! Again, lying with his description of distillers (READ FTC C-3220)!! It’s NOT “just a distiller” because ordinary distillers DON’T REPURIFY water 100’s of times/gal or we wouldn’t have world wide patents on the process!!  Also, the Hydrogen Bond Angle in ordinary distilled water is only 101 degrees (they don’t tell you that), ordinary water is 104, our water is 114 (or they couldn’t use it to make HUGE amounts of Hydrogen, Steam is 120 degrees (I also have Engineering Degrees that include Steam Plant Design). THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS CALL US AND SAY: “THANK GOD FOR JOEL WINSTON AT THE FTC AND THE C-3220 ORDER! IT SAVED MY LIFE!!” He sent us a copy of the Order after it was issued which we have on file. As stated, now we have to file again (25 years later) because industry dishonesty is far worse!! THE YORK LAB TESTS (on the sidebar) ARE THE BEST IN THE WATER INDUSTRY! ORDINARY WATER CAUSES DISEASE!! THAT’S WHY BOWEL MOVEMENTS SMELL FROM ALL THE E-COLI BACTERIA THAT CAUSES “AGING” DISEASES LIKE THE HORRIBLE SMELL OF E-COLI IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM!! It’s the “smell” that can ruin your life!! PROOF: An “Untreatable” 5 acre waste lagoon with over 10 MILLION GALLONS  OF E-COLI that smelled for miles! $10,000/day in State fines. After spraying our water on the lagoon, the smell was gone in 24 hours!! Try THAT with any other water! They can’t do it  because they are too busy lying to the public! With a 114 degree Hydrogen Bond Angle, there is alot MORE HYDROGEN AVAILABLE to burn up the smell of KILLER e-coli!! (Testimonial letter on our FREE water website). There is no reason  to see wonderful people that built our great country at my age (83) stumbling around barely hanging on to life when they could enjoy their lives with their children and grand children! We have the best customers in the world that have kept in touch with us for over 40 years! READ ABOUT ELMER BOBST (FOUNDER OF THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY) AND WHAT HE SAID TO ME 50 YEARS AGO ABOUT THE CANCER VIRUS (scroll down and CLICK ON THE ADS IN RED BELOW; 3 out of 4 people will get cancer, 97% of all men develop prostate problems)! As if that isn’t enough, terrorists want to poison our water supplies!! This is exactly what “Otto” said to me at my home 50 years ago (click the ads in red below)! Foreign Chemical Engineers from MIT were caught trespassing at  a Boston reservoir at ONE AM!! Question: Why would anyone ignore Bio Terrorism and an American inventor with TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT SECURITY CLEARANCE when they are telling you that only *ONE GRAM of a substance can kill 60 million people?? WHY DRINK WATER THAT HASN’T BEEN RECYCLED 100’S OF TIMES per GALLON?? Our machines repurify water 100’s of times/gallon with HIGH INTENSITY  UV and HEAT (NOT ONCE!!), We ran full page ads with Dr Abraham M.D. from UCLA in the ads (the amazing results produced by the Hydrogen Bond Angle change from  104 to 114  degrees)! THE NEXT MOVE IS UP TO YOU (protect yourself and your beloved grandchildren)!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO OF JOHN ELLIS THE INVENTOR and you may ask the same question: “Is he really that old?”

This water will “Cure Anything” as noted by the articles on the sidebar including The Washington Post article (10,000 people/day; this is when we first started to experiment with the Bulbs and Transformers in the machines we are manufacturing today, to boost energy levels!) and the calls from scientists at the Nuclear Lab at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore to Jon Spokes at The Washington Times (below). THE TOP SCIENTISTS IN THE WORLD have been buying our machines, as we developed them, for 40 YEARS?? Finally, after reaching the present “State of the Art”, most of the earlier debunkers are all dead as disease overtook them because of their innate stupidity!! There are many ways to show that we invented the first machine that changes the “Properties Of Water” (even the electrolysis video, above) including a Tunneling Scanning  Electron Microscope to show the Hydrogen Bond Angle Change from 104.5 degrees in ordinary water to 113.8 degrees in our water, making it easier for the “Body Electric” to split water into hydrogen and oxygen? You breathe in oxygen to burn the hydrogen (that’s where your energy comes from)!! Feedback from Sloan Kettering: “After 2-3 days the urine starts to smell. Even light brown or green as the hydrogen burns up the impurities in your Blood (94% water)!” The first test they give you is a blood test to discover what markers are in your blood stream!! 3-4 people get cancer, 97% of all men get prostate problems! This water goes right through even with a swollen prostate! Try a FREE WATER SAMPLE! Get checked out! A scientist called the other day, after testing the water, and said: “This water is amazing because it has so many other applications!” Dr Abraham M.D., when he taught at the UCLA Medical School years ago: “Nobody can argue with something you can measure! We can measure the ability of blood (94% water)  to go through a membrane into the cells to the extremities. Nothing is even close to your water!! Your Hydrogen Bond Angle is 114 degrees!” This saves diabetics legs from ambutation, measured non-invasively (allowed by Regulators) with Doppler Ultrasound. Another man called with a similar comment and said: “Your machines “cure” cancer!” I asked him how he knew that: “I have been an Oncologist for 30 years and since I just retired from Sloan Kettering I don’t have access to your machines anymore!” (That’s how we find out about the results produced by our water!) His name is Dalton Kinsella M.D. (below) which confirms what Oncologists tell us including the sidebar articles that Regulators let us quote!


With this Discovery, we can very quickly turn into a HYDROGEN ECONOMY! The COST OF ENERGY to HEAT YOUR HOME, PRODUCE ELECTRICITY and POWER YOUR CAR will be almost nil! In the past (using electrolysis), it took too much energy to produce Hydrogen. With my water (a typical example below), the ENERGY REQUIRED WENT FROM 30 AMPS TO ALMOST ZERO!! Again, WATCH THE VIDEO AMMETER using ONLY 2O DROPS of my water added to ordinary water and you will realize why Scientists from all over the world are talking about this discovery!! CALL 570 296-0214 for a FREE water sample from our FDA Registered  Bottling Facility! As noted, our customers include the world’s top scientists from the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory who called John Spokes, the Advertising  Manager at the Washington Times (below), CONFIRMING that we had changed the Hydrogen Bond Angle in ordinary water from 104.5 degrees to 114 degrees making it easier to split the water molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen (producing a CHEAP source of ENERGY)!! Now, for the FIRST TIME, a simple AMMETER DEMONSTRATION PROVES (unlike ANY other water) that John Ellis Water PRODUCES ENERGY (below) to DESTROY even terrorist “additives” that travel like Drugs for miles to municipal water supplies (Associated Press 2/10/08, click on the full page ad below) i.e. La Salle, CO below (on their letterhead) over 10 million gallons of ” untreatable” E-COLI in a 5 acre waste lagoon, that you could *SMELL FOR MILES, spraying only 1000 gallons of “light” tap water on the lagoon  (the machines make TWO types of water including “light” distilled, NOT ordinary dead water!). The smell was gone in 24 hours including $10,000/day in State fines, saving taxpayers millions in the cost of a Waste Treatment Plant! (TESTIMONIAL LETTER on Bottled Water website). DOLE FOODS with a 7 page contract while most Americans wait for the next terrorist attack!!  That’s why MOST BOWEL MOVEMENTS DON’T SMELL (THE HYDROGEN BURNS UP THE ODORS FROM DISEASE CAUSING E-COLI)! *PROOF: Ordinary water causes disease!! YOU CAN SMELL IT! Even solar energy can supply the inital power to get the reaction started (just as “The Body Electric” splits water into hydrogen and oxygen! You breathe in oxygen that burns more hydrogen that supplies energy and since your blood is 94% water, the extra hydrogen also burns up the impurities in your blood stream. Your urine turns light brown/green (Sloan Kettering Oncologists)!

WATCH THE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO and you will see the Ammeter power consumption DROP from 30 amps, using ordinary water with low energy, to almost ZERO amps by adding ONLY 20 DROPS of this water, with a Hydrogen Bond Angle of 114 degrees, to ordinary water (only 104 degrees) while producing HUGE amounts of Hydrogen!! TRY THAT WITH ANY OTHER WATER! This is how you can PROVE that the ordinary low energy water that most people drink is sapping your energy and eventually your life to reach equilibrium!  This also explains The Washington Post article (sidebar): “10,000 people/day said: This water cures anything!” Click on “The Cancer Virus Answer?”   (below, bottom of the ad), the Scientist from Zurich, Switzerland who had our E5 machine for only 24 hours: “Do you realize what you have discovered? Your water violates Faraday’s Law!” This discovery is the KEY to what mankind has been looking for….CHEAP, ABUNDANT ENERGY that solves the World Energy Crisis and YOUR Energy Crisis while also producing water that is SAFER TO DRINK by REPURIFYING water 100’s of times/gallon (NOT ONCE)!! Even 10 times is a complete waste of time! ANY DOUBTS THEY ARE LYING TO YOU?? Although water purity is NOT THE SECRET to this discovery, On April 15, 1988 we complained to Joel Winston at the FTC with a letter that included the SAME “PURE WATER”  ADS BEING USED TODAY with our YORK LAB MACHINE TESTS (sidebar) with the Lab Standard for Pure Water, about a company called “New Medical Techniques”. As a result, they issued a “cease and desist”   action (Docket No C-3220) that ran  them out of business and they sent us a copy which we have on file! We didn’t want to run them out of business because the same dishonesty we see today helped our business! However, they are now far worse and more dangerous and we are about ready to make an example of a company in Florida: “Pure Water Scam Report, A $15 Dollar Value” that includes the SAME “Purest Water” ads with a product that has been linked to heart disease (Sci News 2/13/10) with NO WARNING to users!  This includes water products  that will “Make Your Body Alkaline” that caused so many health problems that the Japanese Health Dept closed them down in the 70’s but they aren’t telling American consumers! Joel Winston told us in 1988 that we could use Investigative Reports from major publications as long as we issued the name of the publication and the date it was published!

*WHY PAY ENERGY BILLS AMOUNTING TO HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH? We can say “HIS WATER” because of the UNIQUE MEASURABLE PROPERTIES that are unlike any other water! Scroll down and you will quickly realize why the home water purifier industry doesn’t want you to know that he has changed these properties (they would be out of business)!! CONFIRMED to Jon Spokes, Advertising Manager of The Washington Times Newspaper (where we have advertised every week for 17 years) by Scientists that bought our machines…from Lawrence Livermore Lab to the Nuclear Lab at Los Alamos (below)! CALL our Shohola, PA  property (a FDA Registered Bottling Facility) at 570 296-0214 for a FREE WATER SAMPLE! ORDER BOTTLED WATER or better yet ORDER A MACHINE (click above)! Elmer Bobst (Lipitor) who founded the American Cancer Society with the help of Mary Lasker and his Sales Manager,who was at the home of John Ellis many times over 50 years ago, was also a major influence  (read his dossier and you will realize why our government protected a man that years later turned out to be an infamous CIA Operative who brought 100’s of German scientists over to the United States that included Werner von Braun even before the war was over). They were responsible for NASA , jet aircraft  and many other major discoveries in science and medicine. As a result, John Ellis is writing a book about “The Man Nobody Knew” and Americana that includes family friends, growing up in New Rochelle, NY, from Dr Norman Vincent Peale to Norman Rockwell, James Cash Penney, Lowell Thomas, “Buffalo Bob” Smith, William Frank Snyder (FDR’s best friend who also had polio wrote his will and administered his estate) including Mrs Delano who would call John’s mother and complain: “The Roosevelt’s are using my pool!”.


LOOK AT: 1) THE YORK LAB TESTS (sidebar, “less than” 0.1 ppm. NONE meet this Lab Standard for “Pure Water” and yet they advertise “Pure Water”! (0.1 ppm is lower than a CORNING LAB STILL). Look at the FTC “cease and desist” action against these liars (above) encouraged by people like “Chem1” with no degrees in this field, who was taken off the SFU website for almost a year because he encouraged the SAME FALSE CLAIMS about ordinary distillation in the FTC “cease and desist” order!! How many people purposely distilled polluted well water and died because they BELIEVED this pervasive dishonesty! He even suggested “a good filter” with the same results! 2) If this isn’t enough, how about THE VIRUS & BACTERIA DESTRUCTION CHART (Over 50!! click Scientific Data ): THEY DON’T ALLOW ENOUGH DESTRUCTION TIME TO DESTROY VIRUSES AND BACTERIA THAT CAN BE DEADLY!!  THAT’S WHY ORDINARY WATER  PRODUCTS ARE USELESS!! We repurify water 100’s of times/gal…NOT ONCE!! 3) Now, we have the Ammeter tests that anyone can do!! Again, PROVING they are lying to the public!! BLOOD SOLUBILITY (94% water) will become part of a STANDARD BLOOD TEST measured non-invasively on the SKIN (Doppler Ultrasound) which is why Regulators allowed the product “Put It Where It Hurts”! LOOK AT THE RESULTS that were produced by ordinary water that has LOW ENERGY SOLUBILITY while producing POOR  BLOOD FLOW TO THE EXTREMITIES!! “HIGH SOLUBILITY WATER” INCREASES blood flow with the ENERGY that is said to “CURE ANYTHING” (WASHINGTON POST article, sidebar)!! Over 200,000 “cures” in 37 yrs culminated in the Post article describing our patents by RECYCLING water (with all the required ultraviolet radiation and heat) that medically destroys VIRUSES & BACTERIA THAT CAUSE DISEASE MARKERS found in your BLOOD STREAM because we REPURIFY water 100’s of TIMES per gallon (NOT ONCE!!!). Ordinary distillers/filters/ph-ionizers SPREAD DISEASE! DON’T BE A “PURE WATER” VICTIM!!M.D.’s:”A  GREAT DISCOVERY!” Blood EASILY goes through a membrane into the cells to the extremities SAVING DIABETIC LEGS! UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL M.D.: “YOU CAN’T DEBUNK MEASURABLE RESULTS! NOTHING IS CLOSE TO YOUR WATER!”  SOLUBILITY measures the ability to absorb solids that clog arteries, producing poor Blood Flow, WRINKLES (hydrates skin, USERS LOOK YOUNGER), WEAKNESS, ED etc! UCLA, Los Alamos Scientists to The Washington Times: “We are wrong! He’s right!!” The hydrogen bond angle increased from 104 to114 degrees increasing water   SOLUBILITY!” IMPORTANT (Click Here, Scroll down):”Is Oxygen The Miracle Drug?” about John Ellis and Sloan Kettering Oncologists that buy our  machines: HIGH SOLUBILITY gets more OXYGEN (coming into your LUNGS) to the extremities;  “Cancer cells can’t survive!!” (Otto Warburg MD Nobel Prize Twice)! Famous Sloan Oncologist (below): “We knew about Otto Warburg in Med School. This is the answer!   Send me an E5!!” Call John Ellis or JonSpokes (Washington Times) *Three top oncologists comments, tel below) “True Story of Healing!” (sidebar)  ORDER BOTTLED WATER: CLICK HERE.READ THE TESTIMONIALS! ORDER A MACHINE!! LOOK AT OUR “CANCER ANSWER?” (bottom of the page: Oncologists comments about cancer and the water from ordinary distillers and purifiers! 3 out of 4 people will get cancer and 97% of all men develop prostate problems drinking water from these products that they IGNORE until it’s TOO LATE!!  We have no HONEST competitors or “naysayers” because our machines and water are readily available for testing using Doppler Ultrasound for Blood Flow or a Tunneling Electron Microscope to measure Blood Solubility (a child can measure Solubility). Why is Blood Solubility important?? To measure the ability of Blood (94% water) to absorb blood stream solids that clog your arteries and cause heart attacks!! A scientist (Bell Labs fame) at our Shohola, PA property stated that yet another scientist confirmed our Hydrogen Bond Angle at 113.8 degrees (rounded off to 114 degrees, ordinary water is 104.5).Their “purifiers” CAUSE CANCER (below) because it takes HIGH INTENSITY ULTRAVIOLET MODULAR FREQUENCY and HEAT 100’s OF TIMES /GALLON (NOT ONCE!!!) to destroy the drugs and DISEASE MARKERS in ALL water! We haven’t had even ONE case out of thousands (after following the protocol) where the cancer cells didn’t become granular and go into remission (READ: “True Story of Healing”, sidebar and Jon Spokes, Advertising Manager of  THE WASHINGTON TIMES with his own great success story)!! After selling thousands of machines advertising in the newspaper for 17 years, he knows more about the results than anyone (304 728-7841)! There is so much lying in the industry, he represents one of the few publications that won’t accept their ads!! The American Free Press recently dropped a dishonest water distiller advertiser with ads about “Scams in the Industry! A Report with a $15. value!” when they are PART of the scam!! The results using our machines were also CONFIRMED by World Famous Oncologist Dalton Kinsella M.D. (retiring after 30 years at Sloan Kettering, below)! USE COMMON SENSE!! REGULATORS WOULD HAVE RUN US OUT OF  BUSINESS YEARS AGO IF THIS DIDN’T WORK!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW), and discover why ordinary distillers, filters, RO, ozonators, “ph-ionizers”, bottled water, spring water, bottled water and well water ALL CAUSE CANCER because the water contains the mixture of DRUGS, DISEASE MARKERS and THE CANCER VIRUS that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE FLUSH DOWN THEIR TOILETS, eventually finding their way into ALL municipal water systems with “good” tap water (57 drugs in Philadelphia tap water, Associated Press 3/10/08)! SINCE THEY DON’T TEST FOR DRUGS IN A STANDARD WATER TEST, YOU WON’T MAKE THE SHOCKING DISCOVERY AS TO WHICH DISEASE MARKERS WERE  IN THE WATER YOU WERE DRINKING UNTIL YOU GET  A BLOOD TEST!


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Heat your home, produce electricity and power your car for pennies….
By breaking down the hydrogen bonds in H2O (unlike ordinary water), your body also requires less energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen with phenomenal results!

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IF YOU LOOK AT MY PICTURE (above) YOU WOULD THINK I WAS ON STEROIDS OR SOMETHING, LIFTING WEIGHTS EVERY DAY! I RARELY LIFT WEIGHTS!! After ranking  #1 World/Discus by 6′ (T&FN Jan/58 Vol 10 #12), I gave it up because of “safe” STEROIDS!! A CUSTOMER CALLED ME THE OTHER DAY AND SAID HE WAS STRONGER AT 75 THAN AT ANY TIME IN HIS LIFE!  HERE IS THE SECRET: Like electrolysis when using my water (with a measurable Bond Angle between Hydrogen atoms of 114 degrees instead of 104 degrees like ordinary water), your “Body Electric” DOESN’T REQUIRE MUCH ENERGY TO SPLIT MY WATER INTO HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN! The OXYGEN coming into your lungs burns HYDROGEN and PRODUCES MORE ENERGY than ordinary water because the OXYGEN has a greater amount of HYDROGEN available TO PRODUCE ENERGY AND KEEP YOU ALIVE WHILE PRODUCING GREATER STRENGTH, remembering that your body is 75% water and your Blood is 94% water (the hydrogen burns up the impurities in your blood)!! Sloan Kettering