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Aging and John Ellis Water

Aging and John Ellis Water

  • March 19, 2018
  • ellis
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PROVEN by all the diagnostic stress and carotid artery tests they did on me because the carotid artery blockage in your neck causes people to look old by blocking the blood flow to the BRAIN and FACE! Your FACE shows all the progressive signs of “aging” as the carotid artery starts to clog! That’s why they asked me 3 times about my DOB on the entry form: “You look about 30 years younger!” After buying one of our machines, I will tell you what to do (in addition to our water which also increases YOUR MEASURABLE BLOOD FLOW) that takes ONLY 5 minutes per day to avoid “old age” blockage, CAUSING STROKES  without any warning because you may feel fine! They sent me there because they can do the latest diagnostic tests so the medical community including Sloan Kettering can do further studies on the results of my water discovery!  Most importantly, I am living proof that this is your answer to health care at the LOWEST POSSIBLE COST!!

At 84, he hasn’t “aged” in years! Super strength & ENERGY (World record reverse curl in his 70’s without steroids requiring very little weight lifting)! *UNCLOG YOUR ARTERIES!!