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“The one that produces the most Hydrogen Energy…the Fuel of Life!”- Nobel Prize Winner Albert SZENTGYORGY

Our water has 30 times the ENERGY of any other water measured by ELECTROLYSIS using only 20 drops to produce the energy needed to supplement our FOOD and fight world hunger!

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John Ellis Water clears Sewage

John Ellis Water Breaks Apart Raw Sewage

  • November 7, 2018
  • ellis
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If you have followed John Ellis Water through our website, Facebook, or Email blasts, you have read stories about how people have used John Ellis Water to clean up polluted waters, from a 33,000 gallon swimming pool to waste lagoons in Colorado. Below you will read a letter from a water treatment plant operator in San Diego and his experience with the water made from a John Ellis E5 machine.


The “clear water at the top” is the E5 Water that (unlike ANY other water) is easily separated out of the disease laden human waste in the container!! This is how our E5 water enters the blood stream with such great results after separating from human waste as noted by 100’s of  Independent Blood Flow Studies by Dr Guy Abraham MD when he taught at the UCLA Medical School: “Nothing is even close to your water because you changed the properties of water!”

The Video on our Home Page  includes Municipal Letterhead results sent to us by a company that used our E5 Machine to get rid of the smell of over 10 MILLION GALLONS OF HUMAN WASTE in an “untreatable” 5 Acre Municipal Waste Lagoon using ONLY 1000 gallons of the cooling water from our E5 Home Water Machine! No other water in the world can do that either!!