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True Story of Healing (Email)

In a message dated 4/14/2010 5:57:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, bruce@********.*** writes:
Thank you so very much! I was enjoying reading through your Bible Questions today, but only got through 6 or so before preparation for speaking tonight precluded further reading today. I did click on the John Ellis water link. Is that for real? If so, I would sacrifice $1,500 USD to buy and send a machine back to China.

Yes, it is for real. My wife has ovarian cancer. John told me about a man who works for him–for free. The man had terminal cancer. At the request of the man, his doctor at Johns Hopkins told him to try the water since, in the doctor’s mind, he was dead anyway and if it gave him peace of mind, it would make his passing easier. Only, he didn’t die. The cancer went into remission and the tumors shrunk. In my wife’s case, she started drinking John’s water and when they operated on her, the cancer (still identifiable as cancer) was reduced to a sandy granular substance that does not attack flesh (which is how cancer kills). Her CA125 is still elevated, but the cancer is not doing anything. Because she has chronic pancreatitis, her immune system is already gone, which means chemo or radiation would kill her. She had the surgery about three years ago. Her condition has not changed. Among the papers I found on John’s website, and used in an ad for him came from a news article written by the Washington Post about 20 years ago about a “miracle well” in Mexico. People were coming from hundreds of miles, carrying jugs to fill from this man’s well. The well was purified with John’s water. Thousands of miraculous cures were reported. When the Washington Post interviewed the man, he told them there was no miracle water, only water purified by Crystal Clear’s distillation process. The Post persisted in reporting the miracle. You can reach John at (845) 754-8696.